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About Us

Passionate About Coffee

We take real pride in our approach to sourcing and roasting specialty grade coffee


From Farm to Cup...

To be able to source the best coffee, we maintain a set of core principles:

First is our direct relationships with coffee producers. We’re interested in establishing and cultivating long term relationships, providing ethical transparency throughout the supply chain.

We only work with specialty grade coffee. We maintain this by using science based quality control methods.

Lastly, we pay great attention to seasonality. This means we only import the freshest crops.

Specialty Coffee

Coffee Quality

We Source Higher Quality Coffee

In order for a coffee to be considered as specialty coffee, it needs to score 80+ on the SCA and CQI score sheets. We aim to source coffees that score 84+.

80 +
Minimum Coffee Score
80 +
Our Coffee Score


Letting Science Create the Perfect Roast

We roast our coffee on a Loring S35. We roast light, but well developed. This brings out all the notes in each coffee. 

The Loring is also extremely efficient and environmentally friendly compared to other roasters.

One Roast for All Brews

We’re firm believers in omni roasting. We create a roasting profile that works best for the coffee, and brings out it’s flavour however you choose to brew it.

beans in a moving coffee cooling mixer

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