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Cafetiere Brewing

What You’ll Need

  • Cafetiere
  • 2 Spoons
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Mug


  • 20g Coarse Ground Coffee
  • 300ml Water

How to Brew

  1. Pre-heat your cafetiere with boiling water. leave it in there for 1 minute, and then dispose of it.
  2. Place the cafetiere on the scales, and zero them. Put in 20g of coffee, and then zero the scales again.
  3. Start the timer.
  4. Pour 300ml of boiling water directly on the coffee grounds. Stir to ensure all the coffee grounds are wet.
  5. At 4 minutes, stir the crust to release any grounds from the surface.
  6. Using a tablespoon, skim the crema off of the surface.
  7. At 4 minutes 30 seconds, plunge and serve.


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