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Rwanda – Bwishaza, Natural Process Coffee

Bwishaza co-operative is located north of Kibuye close to lake Kivu. You can view the exact location via the link to google maps. The co-operative traditionally focused on producing speciality washed coffees in lot sizes of 50 x 60kg bags. We still buy these larger lots as the cups scores are often very good and their best lots score around the 86 mark. In 2015 we asked the board members if they would be interested in producing some smaller experimental lots to include naturals and washed lots.

The co-operative produces two natural process microlots specifically for us using a technique that we first proposed three years ago. This is a ‘thick layer’ natural that is produced using a technique that slows down the drying process to induce more fruit notes and a hint of natural fermentation.

Coffee is hand harvested by small hold farmer members and then sorted carefully to remove defects before it is laid to try on raised tables. These raised tables ensure even drying of the coffee to avoid mold growth. The layer of coffee is usually no more than 1 inch thick and is moved regularly to make sure that the coffee dries evenly but a bit slower than the thin layer natural.


Whole Beans
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Tasting Notes

Grape, Molasses, Prune


Red Bourbon


Natural, Thick Layer


North of Kibuye, Rwanda


1500 masl